Mirror Mirror on the Wall

CRISTINA_OCT14_100-256CRISTINA_OCT14_100-205 Who’s the fairest of them all? A phrase most of us are familiar with, but not many of us recognize the story behind Kezia. Pronounced ke-ZYE-ah, the name is of Hebrew origin meaning “cassia tree.” Cassia is the generic name for a variety of trees and shrubs, one of which produces cinnamon. In the Biblical reference, Kezia is one of the three fair daughters of Job born after prosperity had returned to him. The Kezia I know is also one of three daughters a lovely distinctive name for a lovely distinctive person and definitely the fairest of them all. Her skin color is cinnamon and her features are striking. In addition to living up to her name, she is a talented photographer so when she proposed a photo shoot with me I said yes! First came the shopping. We hit a few second hand stores but could not find the look for the shoot. I had since moved into a new nest, summer came and went and now it’s another change of season! The good news is I found a dress and it was perfect for this season and for the figure I am sporting these days. CRISTINA_OCT14_100-55CRISTINA_OCT14_100-127 Yes, that’s a bump alright! Thank you Kezia for selecting me  as your muse and for the fun photos. If you have an upcoming occasion you wish to treasure with photographs contact the fairest of them all, a professional, organized gal with her Eye On The Sparrow or for a distinctive look check out Sourced Collective.

17 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  1. These photos are fabulous! You’re a natural model. I’m worried if I had a professional photographer snap photos of me, she’d give up in despair. The one where you’re looking over your shoulder is fantastic.


    • Thank you as always for your kindness! Kezia, the photographer really had the whole situation under control…I just followed her direction and I was impressed at what she pulled out of her bags. She had all the accoutrements to finish the look she was going for and made me feel so comfortable. We had so much fun together we grabbed some grub and margaritas together afterwards, of course I held back on the ritas.


  2. Hey hey hey~~~
    I said, “whoa…she is either crazy or brave”
    And they all said, “hmmmm, coming from you ms. Monique?”
    Hahaha, I am sooo excited for you!!!
    I tell you! It is the most crazy thing I have ever done without much thinking, but also the best thing ever in my life so far!
    You will see.
    Sending my Love~~~


  3. Oh my, I’m late to get over here, but oh so glad I did! Just look what I would have missed. How exciting, Cristina. So happy for you and delighted to see you looking so happy, healthy and just wonderful. Kezia takes beautiful photos, but you’re a beautiful model–the camera doesn’t do it all. 🙂


  4. Congratulations, Cristina!!!! How exciting!!! The photographs are gorgeous, as are you! What a fun way to spend the afternoon. And I LOVE that dress! Hope you are enjoying this exciting time with your family. 🙂


    • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yes, it definitely has stirred up interesting questions and practical suggestions from my little guys…it may be the third time around for me but their excitement has made it into a new experience for me through their perspective.


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