These Hands

IMG_20150303_143707397 What will they be cable of…these tiny fingers just a few days old, without a manicure yet so perfect! IMG_20150303_145242531IMG_20150303_143750092 Will they swing in opposition with her gentle steps along the unceasing motion of the ocean? Will they trace doodles in the wet sand as the commanding waves of the Pacific wash them away? Will they dream to tap the black and ivory keys of the piano like her brothers? Day three and already we graced our presence at our first concert…a piano recital of various ages. Will she remember what her brothers played? Will she hear and play with passion as they do? What will her style be like…will it be focused and austere like my eldest or will it be breezy and sometimes gusty like my middle child? His pieces were all under a minute, yet somehow he was a crowd-pleaser…being the youngest of the group lends a hand, but he seems to win over the audience with whatever he sets his heart to. My eldest feels the music like Papa Bear…it’s amazing to me. I ask Papa Bear how can you play by ear and his answer is how can you not? I wish I could hear what they hear? Does it sound like the ocean? To all the wanderers, dreamers and lovers…may you find what you are searching for and may its mystery and beauty bring joy into your hearts and nests. To accompany the “birthday balloon” and beautiful flowers we received for our latest arrival in our nest, we made her this “birthday cake.” My middle son insisted, so why not…enjoy! I “followed” this, however, this endeavor demanded four chefs…I took a couple of breaks for feeding. SONY DSCSONY DSC Thank you to all the sous chefs involved, Kezia, Papa Bear and my seven-year-old, who willfully amended the recipe by adding scoops of coconut sugar to the custard after tasting. While it looks nothing like Amy’s recipe…it was well received in our tummies, sure mascarpone would have made it over the top…next time we will indulge in its richness. In the meantime, I savored the last piece with some tartness the next day while listening to a friend’s song…yet another one who feels the music. SONY DSC SONY DSC

11 thoughts on “These Hands

  1. I send love and congratulations to you all, and to welcome this newest little darling! What a sweet family you have, Cristina. I can’t help but wonder, too, what personal style and joyful attributes will she be bringing to the world. Such promise in those perfect little hands. My heart is full for you all!


    • Thank you Debra, I am so touched by your thoughts. We wonder too how her character will blossom…she does remind us how family, friends and love are really what counts in this world!


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