Clean Monday

is considered to be one of the most important feasts all over Greece and Cyprus, each year commencing the forty day period of the Great Lent for the Eastern Greek Orthodox Church. It officially ends all the carousing of Carnival, consequently this first day of Great Lent is called “Clean Monday” because one initiates the holy season with “clean hearts and good intentions.” Because Clean Monday is also considered to mark the first day of Spring in Greece it is celebrated with outdoor activities, dancing and picnics, and the widespread custom of flying kites which is exactly what we did in our community with the exception of engaging in such merriment on a Saturday instead of Monday. The priest in dark grey jeans pontificated about the significance and the symbolism of the kite, yet my boys were more engrossed in getting some serious air under their kites.

IMG_20150221_161808968IMG_20150221_161802861IMG_20150221_124728786 While we are not practicing the act of fasting in our nest, we will indulge in good intentions and clean hearts and of course a clean nest. This weekend I found a rusty piece of metal in the orchid pot…ugh! No wonder the two orchids I had nuzzled in there were not thriving. Also, it was in the Fame, Fortune, Future and Festivity, area of the nest…yikes, the south is the most auspicious direction! I am glad I did some digging around in the moss and have been conscientiously tidying up the nest…let’s hope things won’t feel so harried anymore. We also enjoyed some much needed rain…Mother Nature could not have timed it better for Clean Monday. My car was finally cleansed from the sooty, Santa Ana sand winds it was smirched in for the last month. While in most parts of the world it may not feel much like Spring, do attend to areas of your nest with a little spring cleaning by unblocking energies and may the simple changes cultivate and flourish your life.

9 thoughts on “Clean Monday

    • Thank you… the stone and sand make for great permeation of the rain water into the ground, yet not so good for inside the nest. I agree new beginnings and it’s associated festivities have been around since pagan times, religion makes the event suitable for its needs. Nonetheless a clean beginning is universally a good thing no matter what religion or spirituality one holds to.

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  1. Clean Monday sounds like a wonderful way to prepare for spring. It’s nice to take a little peek into your family traditions, Cristine. It’s always clear to me that you imbue meaning and significance into rituals of home and spirit and family. I love the way you remind me to do the same. This is a lovely post!


    • Happy to hear you enjoyed this one Debra. I have always been into the purpose of what we do and as a black sheep always asking why. Hope you enjoyed the rain on Monday and thank you for the love!


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