Are We There Yet?

IMG_20150706_143311604  IMG_20150709_160333642_HDR


Thanks to the adventures of Percy Jackson, intermittent iPad play, a few z’s and breathtaking landscapes while sipping cold water non-stop, we didn’t hear much of this phrase on our recent road trip. While I didn’t care for the extreme arid heat and was thankful to get back to my nest…I missed the precipitation in the air and my sweater caressing me each night after the majestic Pacific sunset. My favorite part of the trip…the ride back to the nest. Do you miss your nest when you’re away? Even middle bear said “I want to get back home…I just miss it.”



IMG_20150709_191547331_HDRIMG_20150709_193207580 And like other adventures, this one proved to be another mini rite of passage for us. Something about the light in the desert that creates an element of mystical transcendence of sorts…definitely a meditative and contemplative cruise to our destination and back.IMG_20150709_193026421IMG_20150709_155201588_HDRIMG_20141025_130932609 Seeing glimpses of the Colorado River was a sweet reminder of how lucky we are in this neck of the woods to be able to access her grandeur. Yet I wonder (worry) at the rate we’re consuming this almighty river will she be little more than a memory like the paddle steamers and steamboats that once tried up the Grand River. Then there was the scene of the heat-harboring sand dunes under the late afternoon sun, swirled into jagged foothills. Next time we pass through this blazed region they will have morphed into another attritional landscape. A shocking peek at a black bear just before sunset probably foraging for his dinner, a surprise shadow climbing up from a sewer grate…courage young and determined man, you made it this far but your journey has just begun a few miles across the border you fled. The churning windmills in the distance…even in the vast desert land these monumental mechanisms whirl amongst the backdrop of the setting sun for an astounding display.IMG_20150709_191952433 IMG_20150709_191921189IMG_20150709_191657495Finally, what left me to ponder the most, a red-faced man at a rest stop tapping away on the keys of his laptop with plastic bags of accoutrements strewn under the table for himself and his pal, a black-haired senior lab. I can’t even imagine how that dog felt in the 110 degree weather even in the dappled shade; it was unbearable for me. His master would fill his bowl with water, spray his silky black coat with a water sprayer, but the poor thing still looked lifeless. Even middle bear stared in awe at the unfortunate situation. We struck up a conversation with the grandmother of only girls (and mother of three boys) next to us, and she informed us the sheriff had already investigated the situation and declared the dog healthy. Fortunate for the man…is that his only companion out in this vast and hostile terrain…did he not have internet connection in his nest, or did he not have a nest? His half empty bottle of generic soda tucked away at his feet, a paper cup from the establishment resting on the table and free Wi-Fi, were evidence that he had been there awhile. The proud grandmother told us, he has been there for three days. I was hoping he was a screenwriter with a script that will reward him with the means to live in more bearable conditions. I don’t know if we brought him joy or more sadness with the four of us gawking and playing with little bear on the leather lounge sofas…a little amusement for her and a whole lot of tiring out so we can hit the road for our last leg to our nest. IMG_20150709_201310328IMG_20150709_201220320And ultimately the sand, rocks and gravel along with the wiry and spiny plants of the desert disappeared as the air swiftly became nippy and the neon signs loomed on the side of the highway begging for our attention.IMG_20150709_201734830 IMG_20150709_200618252Do you blame them, we witnessed some precious and unimaginable images? IMG_20150709_202421669IMG_20150709_203009905IMG_20150709_193830735

6 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. I just returned to my own nest yesterday, and sleeping in my own bed last night was one of life’s little pleasures.

    Your pics are beautiful. Can’t imagine living in that temperature though. Especially if I was covered in fur like that poor pooch.


  2. I love your photos of the desert,Cristina. Before my husband’s sister passed away a couple of years ago we visited Laughlin, NV quite frequently, and I never tired of the long stretches of desert. There is so much to witness! But like you, I miss my nest when I’m away for more than a couple of days. I think it’s good to get away from time to time, but I’m glad I enjoy my return trip. Your photos of the dark sky and clouds are very special!


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