Apparently Bette Davis gave more than just good face

—she gave a fabulous curb appeal too!  It was a pleasant surprise one June Gloom morning when I looked up from a Laguna Beach stroll to see this not-so–humble abode in front of me in Woods Cove.  IMG_1713

IMG_1722 Not a typical Southern Californian style home, Davis choose this 1929 English Tudor home most likely for its remarkable setting along the shoreline of grand boulders sun-kissed by the rising sun and quenched by the rolling tides of the Pacific.  IMG_1717 IMG_1706IMG_1700 IMG_1707 IMG_1705 IMG_1699

From the late 1930’s on Davis used Laguna as a haven from the demands of work. Did she mince shallots for her vinaigrette in her pumps with a cigarette dangling from her lips over her marble counter top? It was more likely she had a crew to help her out with the domestic logistics of the Laguna nest. She most likely lounged on her breezy patio with what was left of the rosé wine she used in her vinaigrette dressing, listening to the waves crashing against the boulders as her eyelids shut for the night.  Dana Point with Tamar 131

Davis paid homage to LB by appearing in two movies where Laguna Beach served as a backdrop for scenes. “Now Voyager” in 1942 and “A Stolen Life” in 1945 were both shot during wartime. Her name immortalized on the historical plaque grouted in the wall for all who lollygag around 1991 Ocean Way to see.IMG_1715  IMG_1702

In addition to Davis consenting to the historical importance of her nest with a plaque as well as exhibiting the beach town on the silver screen, her heals clicked and clacked the streets of Laguna as she visited local shops and patronized restaurants. There must have been times when she preferred not to put on kicks and tender-foot it along the downhill stretch of succulents and other flowering glories that line the forty something steps down to the shore.  IMG_1724  IMG_1728 Her cavernous voice always remembered from pictures now washed away with the echoes of the waves. Laguna BluffIMG_1703

In this protected bay there is more to life than the black and white portrayal of Bette Davis. Water dwellers of all shapes from ocean stars to urchins to clams and anemones are all taken-for-granted- lives here. Unless we are wading in the tide-pools we forget about these gems of the ocean that have a powerful impact on our lives. Tidepool fun 59 Tidepool fun 105  Tidepool fun 97  We may notice the seaweed strewn across the sand from the last high tide as we meander along the shoreline or even take a whiff of their salty tanginess from above th cliff side. mami day beach fun 15 mami day beach fun 12However, it’s highly unlikely that we take the time to explore and live in the moment. Dare to store away our smartphones and see the beauty in front of us. Let’s show future generations to appreciate every little thing.

Laguna RockPaleontologist 19IMG_1663 Even though we may not have the view from a fortress like Bette Davis, enjoy the simple pleasure of life from your backyard, balcony or porch of your nest. Notice the fuchsia bougainvillea in a graceful arabesque toward the incoming tide, or the birds of paradise swaying to the lingering summer breeze. Enjoy the hummingbird that darts into your garden to quench its thirst. What is the universe saying to you?  Let’s stop to enjoy it and bring some of its positive energies into our nest.

4 thoughts on “Apparently Bette Davis gave more than just good face

  1. Oh to wake up to that view every morning. I read somewhere once that a view gives us perspective. I think my perspective would be positively perfect if I had that to ground me every day. 🙂


    • I know I would be pretty cheery as well. We can always try an image like this view in our nest…not quite the same but I bet your perspective would be close to perfect. There is always a view like this when on vacation where perfection can last a week or so. Thanks for stopping by!


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