It doesn’t have to be perfect to feel like a celebration.

IMG_2652 Make it casual, make it small, make it last minute—it really doesn’t matter, what counts is that you create with fresh food and fondness.

Whipping up a menu for a much-anticipated chef’s party commences early morning by tasting all the juicy deliciousness from the just harvested fruits of local farmers. The passion from the farmers’ make venturing out to the market irresistible every week—I can’t wait to taste their next labor of love.  IMG_1855   IMG_1840On my last visit the tomatoes were the garden-show stoppers and a given for the little chefs-in-the-making that were to arrive in my nest to make their own pizzas that afternoon.  IMG_1869 After a quick oven roasting, half of the tomatoes were saved for the pies while the rest was spiced up for a summer afternoon gazpacho served in ice bowls thanks to La Receta de la FelicidadIMG_1991 IMG_1997  IMG_1985 IMG_1872

IMG_1853 Don’t forget the greens—arugula, spinach and basil all make for aromatic pizza pies.  If your stalwart guest crave some protein bake an egg in the middle of the pie and enjoy it with a fork. IMG_2026  pizzetta 13

IMG_1625 IMG_1603 IMG_1611 Lemons were pressed for the lemonade and plums were eaten as is—sweet goodness plucked right from a friend’s backyard tree. IMG_2051

Since there was frolicking between drinks, there wasn’t time to remember every detail of the menu, but everything was well-intended and guest, well they should feel at home in my nest to be able to find a plate or bottle opener on their own. IMG_2244  IMG_2004 IMG_2250

IMG_1963 Enjoy a chef party in your nest this summer with heirloom recipes because sometimes fine dinning is overrated. Buy what is locally fresh–you can’t go wrong with a plate of seasonal goodness. Nothing says a celebration more than a pack of high-spirited little ones running deliriously happily in your nest. Celebrate wisely! IMG_1960 IMG_1970

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