It doesn’t get any happier

IMG_2304  than happy hour in the summer time.  I am not so young and far from perfect and certainly have quite a bit of chutzpah left in me to make some good in this world, but sometimes a little happy time with some happy juice is in order. Especially this time of year…when most routines are abandoned for one last trip to the beach,  Lake Union 13 or dip in the pool, or one more lap around the block to chase down the ice cream truck. (Yes, I have done that recently and not with my little dears but with another grown woman!)

IMG_1619 So take advantage of the extra ripe, full-flavored bounty this time of year and indulge in a treat especially when the bounty is mixed with a distilled spirit like tequila IMG_2447and trimmed with crunchy little granules of salt and served on old fashioned-square cubes of ice.  IMG_2265 Having a space to lounge and snuggled among plush colorful pillows under the simmering summer sky helps to surrender into a carefree state of mind.

IMG_1075 Sometimes these afternoons produce an instantaneous high more so than a series of vinyasas, sometimes indulging innocently with a vice makes the whole purification process of Surya Namskar worth it! So whether you prefer your blue agave neat in a caballito “little horse” or shot glass or like a gringo mixed with a cocktail,  remember to purify your blood from the toxins the next day with your practice that combines deep breathing and movement.  IMG_2288

Happy hour doesn’t necessarily have to be outside your nest at a certain hour. It’s your happiness–make it convenient for you. Create a niche within your nest that promotes your family and friends to gather and enjoy an aperitif. The French do this so effortlessly.  IMG_7706 Everyone living in the nest contributes to comfort, serenity and cheerfulness of their shared space. Whether it’s the weathered table where meals are shared,  IMG_2291IMG_2316  IMG_2313 or a favorite corner where strewn sheepskin rest to tickle your toes—carve out this happy space. As the sun descends for the night, gather around an open flame. If you do not have a fireplace or fire pit, no worries add some candlelight to the south area of your nest and share a few spirits and laughs while watching the Sun majestically paint the heavens to your right. Sante and Namaste!  lounging 4

4 thoughts on “It doesn’t get any happier

    • Thank you! Something about the summer air that invites me to a refreshing spirit among friends. It doesn’t have to be a cocktail, a warm from the oven peach tart on a weathered table could do the trick too! Your guest may already gravitate to a certain part of your home because of the cozy feeling that compels them there.You may not even be aware that you do it well, too!


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