Park Checklist

Park Checklist

Park Checklist Playground…duh? ✔️  Lake…for pedaling around swiftly ✔️  Fish…for tossing remnants of snack ✔️  Lily pads…for watching critters chill out ✔️  Bridges…for traversing in suspense ✔️  Ducks…for mimicking their quacking ✔️  Ducklings…for trying to cradle in palms for transporting … Continue reading

It doesn’t get any happier

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  than happy hour in the summer time.  I am not so young and far from perfect and certainly have quite a bit of chutzpah left in me to make some good in this world, but sometimes a little happy … Continue reading

Break Free from your Shell

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  this summer and do something out of your ordinary routine. Have a whimsical tea party and invite your friends and family over for delectable bites with exotic tea or have a pool party—nothing like cooling off from the intense … Continue reading