Break Free from your Shell

A. Marina Beach 63  this summer and do something out of your ordinary routine. Have a whimsical tea party and invite your friends and family over for delectable bites snack 3 with exotic tea or have a pool party—nothing like cooling off from the intense heat than a little water play.future olympian 2  Lazy summer days 3

Lazy summer days 14 You don’t have to create a colossal splash to delight in a few summer memories in your nest. March on out to your terrace, balcony or solarium and enjoy this season’s eye-catching blooms. IMG_1280 Ayia Marina  21 IMG_1279 My favorite times are the lingering summer nights eating outdoors—something about those summer breezes that whisper for more.  Lazy summer days 11

More time to pick summer harvest off the trees laden with fruit, Lazy summer days 6
more time to play,  Lazy summer days 9
and more time to gaze at the horizon as the sun mesmerizes us with her summer palette of oceanic blues to spiced oranges.  A. Marina at Dusk  57

A. Marina at Dusk  22 Connecting with nature is so invigorating to the soul. Encompassing this feeling allows us a more restful sleep and more pleasant dreams that make for a perfect start in the morning. If the outdoor space is limited in your nest, bring your dinning table closer to the window and invite the summer rays to reign upon your feast.  A. Marina at Dusk 48 Get cozy on a lounge, a hammock, or a couple of cushions and dare to gaze at the sunset tones of echeveria.IMG_1196 Dare to dream a little longer and enjoy the magical glow of the moon A. Marina at Dusk  40 or the sparkles of the night stars.

IMG_1208 We created a bucket list of adventures we would like to do this summer and already have checked off a few from our list. If we don’t get to them all this summer…well, there is always next summer. Be spontaneous this summer and do what feels right—even if they are not your traditional ways. May you enjoy the lingering summer evenings always in your nest.  Skyline 10  Skyline 24 Skyline 42

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