I Got the Midas Touch

in my hands this holiday thanks to a molecular Archaeologist who unlocked the ancient Asia Minor secret by analyzing residues from the largest Iron Age drinking vessels ever found from the tomb of King Midas. Forever grateful for his discovery, we can enjoy the barley, honey, white muscat grapes and saffron, in our nest—chilled of course. Midas was the king of Pessinus, capital of Phrygia, a region in Asia Minor. King Midas adored his pristine rose garden and most certainly enjoyed the pleasures of life. He inspired the legend the Midas Touch—his power to transmute whatever he touched into gold. If you enjoy sweet yet dry beer…this ale’s for you. I will toast to my dear little nest with this handcrafted ancient ale this Fourth of July. After all she keeps me safe and warm, and delightfully content.  My nest is forever reliable welcoming friendly guest at any time of day. Whether I’m gone for a couple of hours, a few days or even weeks, she is there waiting to greet me with her unconditional warmth, like a loyal pet. She keeps a close eye on all my plants and at one time my little nervous Chihuahua.   From the moment I turn the doorknob, I am overcome with a fantastic state of anticipation upon entering into the half-light of my mostly nocturnal retreat. The scent of the lavender candle still wafting in the air from the previous evening…and the soft clean sheets on my bed beckoning me to sink in, snooze and rejuvenate. I am grateful for everything my nest provides me and in turn I keep it pristine and ceremoniously light a candle or two in the evening–my favorite time to enjoy her sweetness. Remember to honor yourself and your nest by opening windows to promote the circulation of fresh air and to prevent stagnant energy from building up especially if she is exposed to clutter. Be safe this 4th and if you are out and about celebrating this fine holiday, may you find your nest to be especially comforting when you arrive back from your celebratory adventures. Let her know it everyday by finding your “Midas Touch” in your nest. Make a special effort to clear clutter or even roll up your sleeves for some scrubbing or a quick dusting with wide-opened windows to refresh her chi–your efforts will be immensely appreciated. The longer you hold onto your clutter, the more attached you tend to be to the items and unfortunately the denser the stagnant energy coagulating around them. You don’t have to be royalty to adore your palace; by clearing clutter you will feel like a king of your own royal residence and may even desire conquering other rooms of your kingdom from such a admiral feat. Once clutter is removed, refresh your nest by offering her eye-catching flowers–always select fresh and keep the arrangement simple and ideally fragrant, not too tall or fussy. Then sit back on your thrown and enjoy your notable deeds–you and your nest deserve it!

7 thoughts on “I Got the Midas Touch

  1. I’m a firm believer that too much clutter stifles us. But I’ve given up on my teenagers’ rooms. I tell them I want to at least be able to walk across the floors, and to see beds made and clothes picked up.. As for their cluttered desks? There may be no hope…


    • If you are clutter free in your nest except for the teenager’s room you are in pretty good shape. Laying down minimal ground rules for their space is clever. Maybe when the time is right you could mention trying an experiment of clearing the space and see if they sleep better in their rooms or if they notice their academic performance improving with a clear desk. Opening up the windows will have an immediate effect of bringing in fresh air into the dense and stagnant areas of clutter where energy lingers.


      • They do love it when their rooms are clean–when I’ve lowered the boom and made them eliminate the clutter. I do this at least once a month. It’s great while it lasts, but soon their stuff is everywhere again. But I no longer pick up after them like my Type A self did when they were young. They need to be responsible for their own space. And their laundry, and their dishes, etc. I don’t want to have college kids who don’t know how to do anything, which is sadly the case for many it seems.

        I like the window idea. Thanks! I’ll give it a try!


      • I think you are absolutely right about allowing children to own their space and with that comes responsibility. It think children test their boundaries with parents and if we give in then no one wins. Time will tell…since you lead by example I am sure when the time comes and they move out into their own nest they will remember that a clutter free space perks everyone up.


    • Take a deep breath, make a cup of tea and after you finish enjoying it, put on something red (it gives you energy) and try hacking away a little at a time. Have a deadline of when you would like your project to be completed and don’t be discouraged if you can’t accomplish it all at once. A little bit at a time will make you feel like you progressed and give you a boost of energy. Don’t let anyone else know your plans as you don’t want them to call for an update and discourage you. After you have accomplished your clutter free space enjoy one of your delicious meals you post on your wonderful blog! Happy Nesting!


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