Into the Depths

Into the Depths

If we go along with the crowd, the only thing that will derive from such lemming behavior is that we won’t wind up with much more than the wish we can do it over again. Do not conform but love … Continue reading

The Universe is the Limit

As part of this agenda to make the world discordant, may I suggest getting out there, preferably with bare feet. But if you prefer to be with soft soles so be it but remember to jump higher…the universe is the … Continue reading

Park Checklist

Park Checklist

Park Checklist Playground…duh? ✔️  Lake…for pedaling around swiftly ✔️  Fish…for tossing remnants of snack ✔️  Lily pads…for watching critters chill out ✔️  Bridges…for traversing in suspense ✔️  Ducks…for mimicking their quacking ✔️  Ducklings…for trying to cradle in palms for transporting … Continue reading

Bring on the after six PM reveling and the macabre!

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  That is what we are into these days for Halloween. How I long for the costumes we created ourselves (and I don’t even  sew) when thought was put into what character we would emulate for one eerie night of … Continue reading

Break Free from your Shell

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  this summer and do something out of your ordinary routine. Have a whimsical tea party and invite your friends and family over for delectable bites with exotic tea or have a pool party—nothing like cooling off from the intense … Continue reading