Forming Letters

What do we do when we come across a glowing pink façade? We use it as a living canvass and spell out our name with our torso and limbs, twisting, torquing and stretching. It’s a good thing we are flexible, … Continue reading

The Universe is the Limit

As part of this agenda to make the world discordant, may I suggest getting out there, preferably with bare feet. But if you prefer to be with soft soles so be it but remember to jump higher…the universe is the … Continue reading

In the Dark, Look for the Stars

In the Dark, Look for the Stars

For those who see that the working world isn’t working anymore, know that the impossible is possible. I’m not throwing in the towel just yet…I’m only beginning to see what miracles we truly can be without interferences. Amongst increasing instability, … Continue reading

Bad Guys

Strong people rarely have an easy past…it’s the hardships that propel them into a better existence. Persistence, humility and deliberate effort is what Papa Bear knows, it’s what he has always known, it’s what he will continue to know. Throughout … Continue reading