In the Dark, Look for the Stars

For those who see that the working world isn’t working anymore, know that the impossible is possible. I’m not throwing in the towel just yet…I’m only beginning to see what miracles we truly can be without interferences. Amongst increasing instability, I see intuition dwindling and more people yielding their power. It leaves no sound of whistling children or playful winds. Shameful since this opportunity is fleeting. Stay awake until the end…the most critical time. In order to release the density lingering in the air and swap it out for more whimsical one, I make a dash for the great outdoors…there’s more of a feeling of flow out there. Today we tackled the same hill. We drank in the beams of the sun, she was surely missed here yesterday, and jolted us to do a few extra runs. Baby bear took control of our runs starting us off with a dash and jumping in supine and feet first, a combination of bobsleigh and luge. Her thrills were heard the loudest as she twisted as not to miss any bumps downhill. This event certainly cut through the density today. It’s time we go home.    

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