Big Welcome for Spring Provisions

Big Welcome for Spring Provisions

My two favs in my provisions box this week, not necessarily sharing them on my plate together, but until I whip something up this scene is cheering up the space. Eye catching from across the room like a woman in … Continue reading

On Becoming Polychromatic Again

On Becoming Polychromatic Again

The feral are closer, more curious without the darkness that kept them at the edge of nightfall.No longer is the need for a torch to keep you from stalking my thoughts.The world a little softer,vibrant of color that once filled … Continue reading

Forming Letters

What do we do when we come across a glowing pink façade? We use it as a living canvass and spell out our name with our torso and limbs, twisting, torquing and stretching. It’s a good thing we are flexible, … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes Learning.

Behind the Scenes Learning.

We’re not fighting, we’re learning. When we gain the knowledge that’s been hidden from us for centuries, we begin to see the power of our true selves. There is no fighting, only knowledge of how all systems flow by the … Continue reading


Baby bear responds to a shelling of questions about her age, “free,” she says proudly. Sometimes she fires back impulsively before she even hears the question and throws off her interrogator. After her forty-five-minute class the instructor asked me if … Continue reading

Where Rock Meets the Ocean

The tavern dining experience is not particular popular around here…even in the simplest of beach towns you don’t find wobbly paper-blanketed tables with woven chairs anywhere near where the rock meets the ocean. A rustic local place where one enjoys … Continue reading

I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You.

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My favorite part of the weekday is wrapping my arms around my little ones when I pick them up from their long day at school. Mornings always flash by like a bolt of lightening that I barely have a chance … Continue reading

A Splash of Local Color

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The one thing I did carve time out for the morning after (The Move) was a trip to the local farmer’s market. Even though turning on the stove-top would have presented a fire hazard, a desperate need to add freshness … Continue reading