Peace From Mind

Peace From Mind

Vending machines are a cumbersome and funny thing…they can’t assist with finding peace from mind, only clog you up with plaque with its typical encased offerings leaving you brain fogged…not much of an inventive design to boost evolutionary thought. I … Continue reading

Stretching My Dream Muscles.

Stretching My Dream Muscles.

My future self has extended her sun-kissed hand to pull me out of the murky chemtrail haze and into this sandy oasis. It’s a long time coming this fresh coat, I’ve been itching for years now and oh yes, she … Continue reading

Fresh Coat

Fresh Coat

What’s gone is gone…spending your precious time now focusing on what happened back then is making absolute certainty the future will be the same. It’s time for a fresh coat of paint; it’s time to move forward with certainty and … Continue reading

Pocket Full of Posies

We love our clothing with pockets. Even though the brisk winds have adjourned for some time, it’s still fun to rest tiny hands in secretly stitched pockets.And even though we don’t go searching for bouquets, we do find an occasional … Continue reading

Golden Boy

quizzed me about fireflies…he’s never seen them and is eager for their arrival to witness them illuminating the yard. Just a little more patience, while the evenings still have a chill in the air, they won’t be flickering around here … Continue reading


as in a locker room and all the bare body parts glistening under the unflattering fluorescent lights, right there inscribed in paper by his teachers about middle bear’s brazen behavior in the classroom. Why wasn’t this brought up in the … Continue reading

Baby It’s Cold Outside

So why don’t we stay inside and get crafty. Since ninety percent of our belongings are crated away in purgatory somewhere and we still don’t have a place of peace to call our own, I became inventive with a rusty … Continue reading

Where Rock Meets the Ocean

The tavern dining experience is not particular popular around here…even in the simplest of beach towns you don’t find wobbly paper-blanketed tables with woven chairs anywhere near where the rock meets the ocean. A rustic local place where one enjoys … Continue reading

Expanding Your Horizons

Sometimes I wonder if I push myself to stretch beyond the boundaries. I know that I am my children’s biggest (and sometimes loudest) cheerleader and do my best to send them off with a boost so that they crave to … Continue reading

What’s Lurking Behind Your Closet Door?

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If you have no idea or if it takes you longer than five minutes to assemble an outfit, then you require a closet makeover! Here are a few tips in keeping it simple and feeling beautiful without making a new … Continue reading