What’s Lurking Behind Your Closet Door?

If you have no idea or if it takes you longer than five minutes to assemble an outfit, then you require a closet makeover! Here are a few tips in keeping it simple and feeling beautiful without making a new purchase. Paint! Get an old over-sized T-shirt you probably had jammed into the corner of your closet and throw it on. Don’t worry if it looks silly. You are not making a fashion statement, instead you are surrendering yourself into the artistic zone of your new project. This is your chance to go crazy with your choice of hue. If you didn’t prevail with your spouse on a color for another room, it’s your destiny to use that color in your closet now. If you share a closet, paint your half and offer to paint the other half your partner’s choice. It’s a win-win! I always loved the royal blue that is used in Isabella Stewart Garden Museum—my favorite place to visit in Boston. I convinced my sweetheart to use this color in a powder room where I wanted to display my Byzantine Icons bequeathed from my beloved grandmother. I enjoyed the brilliant blue for a couple years before it was painted a boring neutral to sell the house. (Note: the suggested color did nothing to boost the sale of the house. Thanks to our realtor it sat on the market for over a year with her wonderful suggestions and we still lost BIG on the sale.) So listen to your heart and go for that ferocious color. Charging into your closet is one of the first things you do in the morning, so the brighter the better—it will imprint a smile on your face the rest of the day. Not feeling like an artist? Don’t worry, however, do not warrant this to procrastinate your closet remodel. Make use of your colorful hues and patterns of your clothes. Trust me, the clothes will make the statement in your closet with a little categorizing by following a color spectrum. Start with all your whites or lighter colors until you reach the end of your rainbow of colors. I begin with white (opens up the energy more) and end with black completing a yin and yang feeling of balance and continual movement. (Warning: while doing this step you may notice an accumulation of similar articles of clothing. Do you really need all seven pairs of black pants or all those white tanks. Do yourself a favor and donate the extra clothing, have a garage sale, or consign them if they are in good condition.) If you require additional hanging space, grab a pole from your local hardware store and secure it to the wall below your existing hanging pole. Then micro-organize your clothing by short sleeve shirts, short skirts and shorts for example on the top pole. Hang long sleeve shirts, longer skirts or more of your winter wears on the bottom pole. If you have the space use the other wall for your suits, long dresses and skirts. If you are one of the lucky ones and have a third wall to utilize, visit IKEA and purchase bookcases to store your jewelry, hats, purses, shoes or display inspiring photos or items. Again don’t hold back—IKEA is the place with any extravagant color you desire. If you have room for two, you can choose complementary colors and place the cases side by side. Don’t fret if you do not have the width for this idea. If you have the height, amend it with smaller shelves that you can place above your hanging poles to organize sweaters and accessories. When working with a challenging small sized space, use funky and inspiring hooks to hang clothing and accessories.The most often comment I hear from clients who are destitute to clear clutter or unworn clothes from closets is, “when I loose weight I will wear that again.” If you haven’t worn it in the last two years (I am being lenient) toss it. Motivate yourself and once you attain your weight loss goal, treat yourself to a new in season wardrobe. In feng shui, closets are connected to your innermost, deepest and hidden feelings about yourself. How clean and beautiful is your closet or inner nest? Beauty is the most healing energy—don’t absolve your closet of it. Finally, before you go off on a shopping spree verify if you feel incredible emotionally. Comfort shopping will fill your closet up with clutter or clothes purchased on that off-balance day that altered your colors in your aura. We all go through color, design and texture of fabric phases that reflect our energy vibrations so a yearly clutter-free maintenance is necessary to uplift your style and how you feel. Do venture out to buy clothes that make you feel and look great just the way you are. Don’t bring anything into your nest if you bought it when you were in a slumber—keep your nest cheery and beautiful always!

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