Fresh Dressed Plus a Giveaway

Something about the start of the new school year that spurs a variety of emotions—nervousness spins into excitement which loops into show-me-how-to-do-this attitude. Maturing minds acquitted from the carefree summer days are vessels ready to be filled with another year of enlightenment provide by their peers, teachers and their uncluttered surroundings. Teachers pour their hearts into their new lesson plans, purge and tidy up their spaces for that fresh start. So I have devised a plan that will make sure that my little bears will land in the seats of their bright and cheery new classrooms on time. I prefer a minimally styled bedroom so that when I awake I feel refreshed without an overwhelmingly wary feeling of objects closing in on me. Ideally I do not want electronics in the space where the magic happens, but I keep losing that battle with Papa Bear.Apparently, magic can still occur even with the television in the room…look how baby bear magically sleeps on our bed but prefers to play in her crib, particularly pulling herself up to standing pose and testing her pipes—she can belt out some chords. Even behind closed doors, the space should be kept tidy and organized…here is my secret to scooting out the door on time…my closet.I prefer folding articles of clothing horizontally instead of stacking on top of each other…that way the articles are not disturbed when I pull a piece or two out. I found that stacking triggers pieces to unravel and tumble when pulled out from the middle or bottom of the vertical pile and who has time to refold the mess. I do this even in a drawer of a dresser which allows for visibility as well as more articles in the allotted space. When hanging, organize by color, length and type of clothing. Longer dresses and pants co-habitat best whereas short skirts, shorts and tops like to stick together…voila now your mind is cleared of unnecessary murkiness and you won’t feel tormented with the decision of what to wear.

Even for the more fastidious fashionistas, a melee within your mind can be avoided by taking time to flush out unworn pieces and creating an appealing canvass for your clothing. Since I currently have this fabulous new shelved closet…I do not have the need for some of my Clipa’s from my former closet set-up and am consequently giving away one to a lucky person. Simply click on the follow button on thefolia and add your email. Next, leave a comment so that I can contact the winner of this prize that will bring ease and comfort into your life. Finally, on September 15th a randomly selected winner from the United States will be notified.

11 thoughts on “Fresh Dressed Plus a Giveaway

  1. This is such a clever idea for keeping clothes – thanks for sharing. I am definitely going to have a go because at the moment my wardrobe is a mess as I can never be bothered to re-fold all that comes unravelled as you take one item out! Also love baby bears leggings – just adorable!


    • Thank you dear…I hope this little trick gets your day off to a great start. I don’t bother with the boys drawers because either way vertical or horizontal stacks; they managed to unravel them all the time. For them, as long as they don’t have too many options then I don’t have to fold too many times during the day. xoxo

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  2. You have such a beautiful space! I recently FINALLY cleaned out my closet and bureaus ala Marie Kondo, and now I too fold my clothes so they stand up rather than stacking them. I was able to donate 10 bags of clothes plus 10 pairs of shoes or so — Happily in our neighborhood I can also put things out on the stoop, and people will take them away! 🙂 So things have gone to nice homes that way too. I feel a weight has been lifted. Now onto other areas of our home…


  3. We have finally moved from our larger home into a much smaller space. We share the main house with our daughter and family for kitchen “privileges,” and we haven’t really given up our home, but our new “nest” is a rear cottage with bedroom, sitting room and a beautiful bathroom. Our own “tiny house” of sorts. I have definitely had to pare down and it has taken me all summer to do it. Closet space is always going to be a challenge, but I love your suggestions and I’m going to try to go back through the closet and bedroom drawers and see what more I can relinquish, and i definitely want to try to emulate the way you fold your items horizontally! that is just genius, Cristina! Your philosophy of organizing and keeping spaces lighter and more open really inspires me. I’m on a whole new journey making these adjustments. After 42 years in one large home, I’ve really had to re-think my priorities! And may I just say that “baby bear” is just too cute! She’s growing so quickly. ox


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