Golden Boy

quizzed me about fireflies…he’s never seen them and is eager for their arrival to witness them illuminating the yard. Just a little more patience, while the evenings still have a chill in the air, they won’t be flickering around here just yet. It’s a confusing transition waiting for warmer nights, one more month to go and we will be on our way, midway to be exact through the year 2017. Are we surviving or are we living with intention and purpose; it’s a good time to reflect and perhaps redirect? Even if it feels like the foundation crumpled (in our case third grade) it’s time to build something strong as school tapers to a halt with vacations afoot, we must arm ourselves with opportunity and promise. We’re off to a good start the last long weekend before the gloriously hopeful summer days of June, with ball at foot, teammates around and a coach to direct all the expansive energies of not just our golden boy, but others charging the ball as their parents’ clamor for them to fight harder.

Will You Choose to Shine?

Untethered, completely open, free to be bold, wacky, authentic, fierce and in control, Virgo rising, yes, this golden boy was unstoppable with the ball at his foot. Should we allow him to have it in the classroom, will a ball stop him to wallow in self-doubt and confusion in a room full of books? If he could only feel this with numbers and letters, if he even had an eighth of this desire with academics…oh the places he would go.While the solution remains to reside elsewhere, we were distracted and regaled with middle bear’s go-hard or go home style. It was wholesome, authentic and ripe with joy as we approached the half year with a triumphant ending and as night was falling, so too were we into the unknown of trying to fuse these two opposing mindsets.

How Do You Wish to Finish the Year?

A dab of paint here and there is what I have been up to in my spare minutes. Twenty minutes or even five minutes with this project may not seem like a lot but I figure by the end of the year those minutes will have racked up to days and even full weeks. So what may feel like headwind with end-of-the-year requirements and obligations, soon enough, I’ll hit some tailwind and will have completed a few painting projects, some good stuff…can’t wait to show you!

8 thoughts on “Golden Boy

  1. The trick is to tie his studies and homework to the football he loves, and get the school to allow him to keep the ball he loves and feels most secure with in class with him. Try letting him dribble while doing some of his homework; like spelling, math quizzes, etc.

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  2. How nice to see him fully enjoying himself, free to be himself! Really loved the photos! I hope that summer provides so much freedom that you all have a chance to evaluate the coming school year. You’ve experienced so much change in one short period! Can’t wait to see your projects. You often inspire me to take a look at my nest and see what I could freshen. 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much! I am always thrilled to hear of inspiration within your nest. It’s the little things that uplift us especially in our cozy nests; I also find painting jobs therapeutic. Cheers to a fresh and purposeful start this summer!


  4. Ah, the fireflies. That is one good thing about the midwest. I enjoyed introducing my kids to those when we visited my parents in Ohio. We used to play made up firefly tag as kids. Did you paint that succulent blue? It looks so cool! I didn’t know you could do that! 🙂


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