Baby It’s Cold Outside

So why don’t we stay inside and get crafty. Since ninety percent of our belongings are crated away in purgatory somewhere and we still don’t have a place of peace to call our own, I became inventive with a rusty canister.

The candle melted down and after I peeled the splintered wooden cover off I began to realize why it was concealed in the first place. However, without digging into my coffer and with minuscule strokes from the paintbrush we remembered to tote along even in our unmoored state, the cylinder now boldly wears a new cloak.And since it’s the season for sparkle and shimmer I found myself reaching for these three metallic pens, but the biggest star was the pencil with the unleveled eraser rubbed down to almost the metal tip.

Before I knew it, I was coating the worn-down eraser tip with the bronze marker and unpredictably dotting the tin with a unique design. And there it appeared before my eyes, I steadied my fretting nerves in this unfamiliar state, with a new technique. By digging the marker deeper into the eraser, I created more intricate markings far more sophisticated than a polka dot from a virgin eraser head. While we march on into parts unknown and about the only thing steady is my role in motherhood, this discovery small as it is, holds purpose when life still feels unfamiliar. It is the first holiday decoration and I am not certain if others will follow, but if I come across another container that looks a bit distressed, I will dress it up for the occasion especially if it helps me through unsettled times. I have a hunch that this thirst I have, this deep affection for transforming something forgotten and unwanted into something desirable and eventually into an assortment of one-of-a-kind curios may grow into a love affair especially as the temperature plummets. Stay toasty my friends and keep an eye out for the discarded items…they just may make wondrous gifts.

10 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

    • Thank you…it was an on the spot moment of an idea and I was happier with the result since I couldn’t find a brand new eraser tip. Cheers to elementary homework and all the erasing that comes with it!


  1. One of my granddaughters is already very good at seeing how an ordinary item can be beautifully repurposed. I admire your creativity, Cristina. You see possibility in items I’m afraid I completely overlook. I really admire the artistic, freeform dots. You’re so right to see them as more intriguing than a clean eraser polka-dot. 🙂


    • How exciting that your granddaughter is venturing into repurposing. Enjoy the creative adventure with her. Great to see you again in this space and your kind words are very appreciated.


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