Pocket Full of Posies

We love our clothing with pockets. Even though the brisk winds have adjourned for some time, it’s still fun to rest tiny hands in secretly stitched pockets.And even though we don’t go searching for bouquets, we do find an occasional dandelion flower to tuck into our pocket. We mostly stash things from around the house, no interest in having a live companion in there either. Although we do meet and greet ladybugs and fireflies on our adventures in the garden.Dark crimson beetles with black dots are easy to spot and we wait until we eat our nightly meal al fresco to spot the flies that create fireworks every night for us. We talk about plans for this land and someday we may get to it, but for now we just enjoy whatever was planted before us even if we question it.Then there are the walls inside the nest. There has been some squabbling about painting, there have been compromises, second thoughts and even third thoughts. Delays, mistakes, touch ups, re-do’s, it’s an evolutionary process and just when we thought we were done, there are still more details to consider.Apparently, we are not the only ones thinking of walls. Walls are immensely vital to some beings. I think it’s for the weak and insecure to think that a surrounding structure needs to physically divide territories. It’s a fear of losing what was gained (even if it was by illicit and violent means.)

History recounts that walls do not stop peoples’ movements. Where there’s a will; there’s a way. The strong-willed will find a way to execute a plan. Let’s not forget that walls come up and walls fall down. So, I’m taking a break from the walls that separate rooms in my nest, to think about what mood needs to be portrayed with color.

Will the diplomacies of the wall that will make us great again deride? Or will this holiday be used to eulogize it again. I just want to enjoy the simple things, pockets full of posies and my flora in my nest.

We were delighted that we could bring along some of our plants with us and even more grateful for the ones left behind in our new nest. Hoping you will get a moment to enjoy poolside popsicles (pop as baby bear says) with family and friends. And even if you don’t have a grill like us, try “grilling” on your stove top with a cast iron skillet. Here’s a simple recipe with sweet summer corn…enjoy. Creamy Street Corn Sauce: In a blender whip up 1/4 cup heavy cream, juice of one lime, two tablespoons olive oil, as much harissa as you can handle or peppers of your choice, clove of garlic, fresh mint, oregano, chives, cilantro salt and pepper. When fully blended add as much cotijo as you please and pour over just grilled corn. Clean blender immediately to make your slushie palomas! Yes, I have slushie palomas on my mind and I just put on a roast for anyone that might drop by. Happy festivities!

20 thoughts on “Pocket Full of Posies

  1. “I think it’s for the weak and insecure to think that a surrounding structure needs to physically divide territories.” Hear, hear. Walls don’t make a country great. They keep it insulated and stagnated. We need–and should welcome–the mixing of cultures and ideas. That’s what makes us great.

    Happy 4th to you! Beautiful pictures as always.

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    • Thank you mama! Is your little one still being cozy in there? I can’t remember if I told you about Back Labor No More by Janie McCoy King…it really works. At this point go to the library and get to the chapter about the lift and DO the lift where you want to have the baby and you will be holding him within ten minutes. He does have to be in the right position so crawl around with your other little ones to be certain and I swear my last two were out within ten minutes after we did the lift…I wish I did it with my first! I can’t believe I haven’t told you before..or maybe I did tell you? I tell everyone I know who is having a baby because I was so appreciative of this little advice. Happy last days of gestation!


  2. Your photos are so intriguing I feel like I’ve been teased! I want to see more. 🙂 Your thoughts about walls (and THE wall) clearly resonate with me. My heart is sad and a bit tired, quite honestly. I, too, use my garden as a place for respite and to recharge. I try to make my own nest as restful as possible in order to mentally prepare to be strong in difficult times. I always love your recipes, Cristina. Thank you. And I hope your summer has continued to be a time for your refreshment, too.


    • Thank you dear Debra, I will continue to photograph more, sometimes baby bear has more patience and sometimes my photo shoot session just ends abruptly. Maybe we should be planning a garden instead of a wall for our country. I’ve been trying to refresh this summer for what lies ahead…happy refreshment to us all!


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