Memories In My Laundry Room

Things, stuff, inanimate objects that festoon our nest and give us something to look at and at times something much more. Years ago, we purchased this piece of furniture.Impulsive perhaps as we didn’t know what we were going to do with it once we brought it home, but we were certain we could unearth a purpose for it. It supported a reading lamp at bedside with extra linens to keep secret for those in the middle of the night sheet changes when the not-so-older-bears at the time would sneak into our beds at some point before dawn. Ah boys, baby bear is more considerate and as a result we have nightstands with surface only uses and no more secrets to stash. We prefer simplicity in the bedroom (as well as dry sheets) and glad that baby bear is on board with our thinking. As a result, the rather masculine piece was placed in the office to hold files with paper and paper waiting to be imprinted while its surface was home to our printer. It was a trusty steed indeed, that well-crafted piece of mango wood as the proprietor proudly told us, and wasn’t such an impulsive purchase after all. Small in stature, it was always an item that made the cut list of each move. Yes, we’re bringing the horse piece with us and every time we had no idea what use it would fulfill but it always found an obligatory purpose. When we moved into Red, I knew immediately where to tell the movers to place it, in the laundry room. The previous occupants had an overwhelming metal shelving piece that swallowed the miniscule space. I lugged it into the garage where eventually it will make its way out of the nest when the time comes for custom cabinets. I love how it greets us as we arrive into the nest.It’s a perfect landing for my purse and makes for a fast get-away when we need to jet out. (I can’t imagine walking into my nest with a floor to ceiling rack of cleaning items ogling me…it would create unnecessary angst before I could put down my purse!) Inside the cabinet there is room for laundry detergent, baking soda and baby bear’s diaper bag and snack bag. It never looked better dressed with my seasonal accessory and a fresh couple of coats of a dark hue enfolding it.

Also, baby bear loves to open the latches now that she has figured them out. After over a decade, purchase justified! Since I’m in the space often, I wanted to make it as cozy as a laundry closet could be. The color reminds me of the majestic sea and the luminous power it conveys, the horses dutifully hold necessary items and yes, I have art work where I launder. Red poppies always remind me of warm carefree summer days and these birds, well aren’t they the sweetest?

I didn’t want to overwhelm the space but I also need practical art for Little Ms. Independent to grab what she needs and go too. (We all have places to go and people to see.) Don’t neglect your laundry room especially if you are like me and visit it many times during the day. Surround yourself with things to look at, things that are useful or even with things that trigger fond memories. Happy festooning!



14 thoughts on “Memories In My Laundry Room

    • That was the main idea to be happy folding the clothes. Also when we enter the house it’s the first thing we see so a functional but fun and interesting piece was a must.


  1. I do love the blue color and those fascinating birds! You have a very good eye for unique furniture pieces and furnishings, too. Festooning! Now there’s a word I haven’t heard in a long time, and it’s perfect. That’s what you do so festoon! LOL!

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