A Splash of Local Color

The one thing I did carve time out for the morning after (The Move) was a trip to the local farmer’s market. Even though turning on the stovetop would have presented a fire hazard, a desperate need to add freshness and color to my nest was a prerequisite to starting over. Counter space was half of the previous place as was our floor space.  I had to squeeze, climb and crawl to get from point A to point B across the room. At least the virtual/garage sale was a success—I can’t imagine trying to fit one more item in the new space.

Although we cannot walk to the farmer’s market, at least our new town had one less than a mile from us. I dashed out with a few of my market bags IMG_5812 (found these gems in a friend’s attic eight years ago and they tag along with me to every market—super or farmers.) To our surprise, it was sprawling with more booths than I had imagined. I discovered different varieties of tomatoes, zucchinis and melons—a fruit and veggie wonderland! I always ask before I buy if it is organic (especially after Proposition 37 flopped on our sun-kissed Californian faces) so that I am at least aware the food I’m about to graze on was grown organically.   

The colors are so beautiful and fun without a need for genetic modification. They remind me of a Bollywood film and after eating the fresh-cut produce I want to dance like I am a Bollywood Rockstar. Bollywood is an informal term for Hindi language films that often tell a romantic story through lavish dance numbers. Actors are adorned with vibrant silken saris and shimmering jewels. IMG_5882 Movements are electrifying and the singing voices mesmerize you with tones of passion, fun, wisdom, love and laughter. Yes, all of the above please in my new place pronto! IMG_5793

Well, I did have my work cut out for me, however, I planned months ahead and just in time to welcome the holiday cheer!      Bird of Paradise 2

Dare to add a few folk moves and hip swings to pop beats into your nest. The fastest way to introduce Bollywood-style to your home is to buy fresh local produce and place them in bowls, trays or directly onto countertops of any available space.          Nothing like fresh herbs in a vase of water to brighten up your day. Simply cut sprigs as you cook for a vibrant dish. IMG_5848Indian food is rich in flavors and aromas because of the rainbow of herbs and spices that are used. If your counter space allows for it,    IMG_2019add dried spices in clear jars on your kitchen island for a playful display.

What’s in the heart will be on the plate.  Enjoy a colorful nest and the joy of cooking will sedate your soul. IMG_5856  IMG_5872

4 thoughts on “A Splash of Local Color

  1. Such color and beauty! I do love Bollywood–when I have had the chance to catch a film. For awhile my XM radio had a Bollywood station and I loved to listen to the music in the car. What a great tie-in to think of the colors of the fruit and vegetables as connected! Indeed–no genetic modification. oxo


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