Thankful for…


Thankful for the bread we break,
thankful for the feast we ate.
Thankful for the juice we drank.
Thankful for the sweet and savory scents that perfumed our nest.
Thankful for the adventurous expressions that resonated throughout our day, but mostly for the peace that falls our way.
Thankful for the fresh sheets we lay our weary heads.
Thankful for the sweet dreams brimming with hope.
Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night! May your heart and nest be filled with peace always.

3 thoughts on “Thankful for…

  1. Oh how beautiful! Were those photos from your nest? They are gorgeous! I am one tired caterer today, but my heart is full of thanksgiving for the ability to physically pull it off, and the enjoyment of my family. Now a new wave of guests arrive today, but we mostly use the leftovers. You’ve inspired me to make sure those leftovers look appealing and pretty!!


    • Thank you! Yes the photos are from my nest, it’s tiny and I am slowly trying to get back on track. Watch for more of how my new systems unfold. Good luck with your next round of guest. We used measuring cups to get the mash, the stuffing and the beet salad perfectly round. It’s important to not only be mindful with what you eat but don’t neglect the presentation.


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