When Your System Fails You

Things happen and I follow with a trailer of belongings in tow again and some need of  soul searching.  I will vow to grant things to happen instead of the overwhelming feeling of the world upon my shoulders, my courage buckling and the inevitable collapse of the imaginary brittle globe I clench. My bleeding fingers, strained back and the insane urgency to put the rest of my life on hold to be able to simply walk a straight line in my new place…for what? Even though my virtual garage sale was a success, this was the worst move in all of my many moves. I can highly recommend a moving company you should NOT use EVER! What happens after the transporting of objects is another story, an ongoing thriller. My new space must be picture perfect with a system in place, only then do I feel at peace and can begin to experience one with everything again. The problem is not that my system fails me since a system is evolving, a trial and error kind of circumstance, but that I have more than one system and not enough time to tinker with them all in one day. The challenge of a two-bedroom apartment (without a garage) with very active boys is that it’s too tiny to enjoy the play and joy of messy cooking. The catastrophe of legos, books, papers from school, mail, shoes, socks and pajamas that never seem to find their way to their proper bins are in my peripheral vision constantly! Even when the last box has been flattened and recycled, it’s like I’m staring at Medusa straight into her baneful eyes when I see my systems fall short. How can I prevent another misfire?                                                       Drink more tea and be one in my new place–it’s a mess but heck we are having fun. So savor your cup of steamy chamomile and don’t feel ashamed when an unexpected guest drops by—invite them in to play with whatever you have sprawled on the floors. Beyblades anyone? Not up for the battle…how about constructing a lego tower or curling up to read in a disorderly bed? Embrace the moment as is in your nest. Some days are a little more hair raising then others so let go and have fun!


4 thoughts on “When Your System Fails You

  1. I am so sorry to hear that your move was so difficult! Obviously not just your system broke down, but the company you hired to help didn’t follow a good plan either! Your message here is wonderful. I think you have your priorities in place. You can’t do more than you are without making your boys feel unnecessary strain, and to have fun with them, Lego piles and all, is just the best! So glad you’ve landed…and whatever your systems, you’re making them work! 🙂


  2. Yes, even thought the landing was rough, it was a landing and I hope to enjoy this new nest for sometime. Thanks for the kudos. Leave the piles in your nest tonight to relax and enjoy the meteor shower in a few more hours!


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