The Early Bird Catches a Glimpse of Beauty

I wake up to a spectrum of mauve every morning. IMG_5188IMG_5183 The iridescent rays stretch and encompass my floor to ceiling windows and I feel instant warmth. This morning hug of mine is so lovely and transmits bolts of energy even longer lasting than a shot of espresso. IMG_5599  IMG_5650   And every morning even with an occasional overcast sky, the birds wake up to the same aura. The flock start its daily commute from the majestic Laguna Canyons and after some frolicking along the way I watch the birds fly and eventually disappear into the radiant horizon of the Silverado and Modjeska Canyons.   IMG_5192IMG_5617

What a wonderful way to commute. Since anatomically as a species we are not able to enjoy the marvel of natural flight, why not bring nature’s wonders into your nest. Even if you do not have floor to ceiling windows, brighten up your life with art especially works you created yourself.  IMG_1674IMG_5884  IMG_5886IMG_5888  Take advantage of any natural light that draws into your nest. Natural light uplifts and nourishes your soul but on an overcast day a cuddly couch can do the trick. Open the window and invite in the breeze even if it’s a crack. You’ll be amazed what a breeze even a cool crisp one can do for your inner balance and peace of mind.  Scented Rocks 2IMG_3255 IMG_2166Bring home a shell from a visit to the beach. A shell is a perfect unique product of nature–exactly how I feel about my little ones (most of the time). Our favorite pastime is foraging for rocks especially prehistoric ones. My little paleontologists have quite the collection in our nest.  IMG_3271IMG_3270 Rocks are engraved with beautiful layered hues of time so why not show off the evolution of the Earth in your space. Discover and incorporate your connection to the outdoors and enjoy a better connection with everyone in your nest. And if your nest is anything like mine, tiny, well then everyone is always within a hug’s reach. SONY DSC

7 thoughts on “The Early Bird Catches a Glimpse of Beauty

    • Wow, what a variety of birds! I saw a hummingbird this weekend checking out our potted plants–missed them we had lots when we had a garden in the Earth. Do you get a chance to see the birds’ late afternoon flight back to their nests? We catch it on occasion. Enjoy your seven chickens!


    • Thank you! Creating a nest is definitely an evolving process. It’s important to have energy flowing and never stagnant so that whatever is meaningful to you has a life in your nest. Yes those are my little artist and their most recent work on our walls. I think painting has been their favorite medium (probably because its the messiest.) They are following the great footsteps of their grandfather–he painted the door as a surprise for me since I love to dance!


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