Silver and Gold

IMG_6264 Can you mix the two precious metals? Absolutely! IMG_3051  IMG_6548 As the story goes, a group of distinguished foreigners visited the swaddled newborn bearing gifts of gold (frankincense and myrrh also accompanied the metal brought for his adoration.)  The Magi or The Kings from the East followed the rising star to Bethlehem and when it stopped above the sweet little babe they were overwhelmed with joy.  IMG_6311IMG_6283 IMG_6462IMG_6270 IMG_6495 IMG_6294

Celebrations are often linked to births, naming ceremonies or baptisms, the start of a New Year, the harvesting of a crop, the rebirth of Spring. Be merry and bright with silver and gold when decorating for such festive events.  IMG_6262 IMG_6297 IMG_6420 IMG_6113 IMG_6165 IMG_6470 IMG_6162

In fact, the two metallic companions are popular when it comes to naming albums or songs. The blues influenced lyrics of the Dublin band U2’s “Silver and Gold” was released as a B-side to “Where the Streets Have No Name.” (August 1987) The lead vocalist Bono’s husky and confident voice portrays the anguish of the South African apartheid as he bellows out, “hit where it hurts, silver and gold…” IMG_6444 IMG_6446 IMG_6433 IMG_6143 IMG_6135

On the flip-side, Bono wrote the lyrics to “Where the Streets Have No Name” in response to the opinion that it’s possible to identify a person’s income and religion based on the street on which they live, particularly in Belfast.

IMG_6371 Enjoy a sparkle or two in your nest, but take heed and don’t let the precious metals takeover your life or steer you into complacency. IMG_6380 Touch someone’s heart this season and every day without judging whom or how he or she worships. IMG_6074  IMG_6131IMG_6071  Don’t be concerned about the complexion of one’s skin or how many silver and gold coins are in his or her pockets; instead worry if you have a cup of cheer available to warm the heart of a holiday visitor.    IMG_6407  IMG_6350 IMG_6303 IMG_6322 IMG_6331 IMG_5928 Whether you find yourself in your cozy nest or miles away this holiday, send your warmest wishes to all and unconditionally give the gift of joy.

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