Bring on the after six PM reveling and the macabre!

Alexander the Great 29 Alexander the Great 24 That is what we are into these days for Halloween. tahitian titoHow I long for the costumes we created ourselves (and I don’t even  sew) when thought was put into what character we would emulate for one eerie night of the year.SONY DSC Pope 2 SONY DSC SONY DSC Pope 3 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Instead my little ones can’t wait to run to Party City (I loathe that place full of plastic chotskies that will end up in the landfill and consume us all one of these days.) We couldn’t find a unique Halloween boutique around us this year, I suppose retail is picking up and they’re not too many vacancies this time around. I failed at convincing them to explore second hand stores or flea markets for an item that could spark our imagination and create something spectacular. I did however, manage to find something for myself that way and didn’t even have to break the bank–$10 for a dress and the rest of my costume I plucked from my closet. Since it took us all of five minutes to select my little ghouls’ costumes on September 30th including the time we waited in line (no one is thinking costumes that early), we invested our time in decorating a grim Halloween scene. trick or treat 4 Our nest is infested with snarling-teethed bats, creepy gargoyles that utter grimly rhymes about death, slithering glow-in-the-dark snakes, color changing skulls–even our affectionate Mr. Bones, our joke-proselytizing skeleton is dressed to fit this ghastly atmosphere. I do miss the days when trick-or-treaters visited our nest. My older son who was three at the time would screech and run wildly to every noise making Halloween artifact to show our costumed visitors how creepy cool they all were. We can hardly contain our excitement for the much-anticipated moment when homes open their doors for a few hours to share with us their festive decorations and their confectionery. LB Hallow's Eve 3 In LB things get pretty unruly on the designated Halloween streets. Trick-or-treaters from precipitous parts of the canyons come and meet on the lower, not-so-steep streets where you may witness a radio station booth blaring tunes to parents holding plastic cups with adult only concoctions in one hand while tugging their child in the other. Not our ideal way of doing it, so this year we will bypass this destination and choose a less trodden path where we do not have to wait in line to get our treats. A friend’s university neighborhood has less foot traffic so we can hit more houses in the same amount of time. Simple economics that my boys have mastered: one can accumulate more items in a bag with less hokey distractions and bountiful libations. My dilemma as a concerned mama–what to do with all that sugar! I’ve prepared my speech of okay sweetie, for every piece of candy you hand over we can bake our own batch of healthy goodies. Or maybe this one may work? I will take you to a special place in lieu of your lute. How are you handling all those Halloween treats you run all over town for? Will you tolerate them in your nest? SONY DSC

9 thoughts on “Bring on the after six PM reveling and the macabre!

  1. Adorable costumes!!! Love all of them!
    My husband loves loves LOVES candy, so he will help my son eat his. My son doesn’t even like trick or treating that much because of the insane crowds – our neighborhood is really popular. Instead we spend a lot of time on our stoop with our friends, handing out candy and eating pizza. 🙂 I only like the chocolate candies, but every year, I always find myself disappointed that it doesn’t taste as good as I remember it from my childhood!! Especially Reese’s pb cups, which were my favorites. So maybe this year, I’ll just pass on the candy… Hope you all have fun tonight!


    • Thank you–not so adorable anymore. In fact my little one asked the other year who is that following us–it was his older brother in a spooky mask! Enjoy the night on the stoop tonight. You’re right candy and food are not the same you never know what taste you’ll get with gmos. We are indulging on some made-in-our-nest sweet potato pie not gmo style.


  2. What cute boys! (And costumes!)

    My youngest will make this his last year of trick-or-treating, so it will be the last year of a big bag full of candy for us. Most of his excitement is the actual trick-or-treating. It seems he doesn’t end up eating much of the candy. After a couple months, my husband or I just bring the remainder into work where it gets sucked up in minutes. 🙂


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