In the Spirit of America

let’s take a moment to think about the leaves drifting by our windows, sipping warm cider to defrost our bones from the crisp Autumn chill that arrives this time of year. Apple Picking in Oak Glen 23Apple Picking in Oak Glen 24Apple Picking in Oak Glen 91 Protected in our cozy nest with most of us taking time off this Veterans Day, are we doing what we can for those who sign up to make ominous sacrifices for us to enjoy our peaceful existence.

Whether on board with the strategic military policies du jour or not, our camaraderie for our past, present and future troops should not be egregiously overlooked.

Whether we should be still trotting on foreign lands is not an American question; it’s a humanitarian question. The problems are always the same–well documented in history as far back to antiquity. No need to seek out a political oracle, unfortunately it’s all about cold-blooded, power hungry warlords or in the case of Troy, about love.

Our troops are thrown into shambolic situations with moldering uniforms not knowing what’s lurking around the bend but always having to anticipate their next move. Our last line of defense creates confusion but they fight on, what can they do? It’s not a job…it’s a call of duty, a sacrifice so grave it’s not easy to recover from this abysmal path.

Let’s commemorate our bold survivors that hang on to hope and do as they are told. We’re in it together aren’t for all and all for one-it’s certainly not the recipe for body and mind clarity, but it’s the reality we’re currently living. Isn’t it worth trying to heal from the philistine situation they find themselves trapped in. Let us lend a hand. How to provide assistance in their current mission.  Return of the Swallows 4

In our nest, we showed our spirit by sending our Halloween treats to the troops. Far away from their families from such an exciting time where their door-to-door experience is certainly not greeted with treats but unknown “tricks.” We enjoyed a handful of sweets but happily and willingly sent pounds of confectionery to troops who sacrificed their Halloween for us. It’s the least we could do. Hope you are thinking about our troops today and everyday.

8 thoughts on “In the Spirit of America

  1. Thank you for that link. It’s been a while since we sent anything to troops–far too long, in fact. I’ve bookmarked that link to explore later. Love that you sent your Halloween candy. What a great idea, and I’m sure you’ll make their day. Who doesn’t love a little treat? 🙂


    • You’re welcome. Coffee and treats are what the local bookstores,coffee shops and library usually organize for shipment, however, the link is for items for the people that the troops are helping in their current mission. I hope a little candy does make their day a little more comfortable…a little bit like home.


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