Park Checklist

Park Checklist

  • Playground…duh? ✔️ 
  • Lake…for pedaling around swiftly ✔️ 
  • Fish…for tossing remnants of snack ✔️ 
  • Lily pads…for watching critters chill out ✔️ 
  • Bridges…for traversing in suspense ✔️ 
  • Ducks…for mimicking their quacking ✔️ 
  • Ducklings…for trying to cradle in palms for transporting home ✔️ 
  • Creek…for wading in and extracting samples for back at the lab ✔️ 
  • Strategically position pavers…for hopping across rippling waters ✔️ 
  • Windows down on a summer-like day on the ride home…for keeping the tinge of Halycon days buzzing ✔️ 

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