The Last Dance

Already far with advancing wisdomHave we disposed of all righteous freedomsand have all spirits absconded into the twilightfar from the planet of abundancewith myriad forms of blissfulnessand all benefactors themselves, sophos none to remainon such a hallowed land.But transcend the … Continue reading

So Great that I Don’t Speak

So Great that I Don’t Speak

Here we go; cold is here to stay. Just the right temps for icicle making and they aren’t dripping anytime soon. They’ve been hanging out for some time now. Since I have no control over their timeline, only my own, … Continue reading

Fallen Stars

Forsaken, forgotten & forever adrift So many like yours, lost and adrift. I will not forsake my own. For the nights you promised fireworks, were merely distractions from the climbing stars of the purple dusk. I listened through your ears … Continue reading

Revealing Skies

The reoccurring theme of gloom looming in on us may seem prudent, but is it really? There’s a saying, never let a crisis go to waste, while I’m not against preparations and arranging your ducks in a row, I prefer … Continue reading