Thunderstone’s Gateway

Dustin is composed of the elements Þórr, meaning “thunder”—a reference to the god Thor—and stein, meaning “stone,” finding solid foundations as “thunderstone.” Dustin may be prone to underestimation, but his badass roots will leave no doubt of his potential. Daaammmn Dustin, you leave … Continue reading

All We Are

All the grit,all the determinationmakes for an entertaining show.and for a heart’s glow,and to knowthe experience is all we carry with us into the infinite.everything else remains dust in the wind. “I close my eyes, only for a moment, and … Continue reading

Fallen Stars

Forsaken, forgotten & forever adrift So many like yours, lost and adrift. I will not forsake my own. For the nights you promised fireworks, were merely distractions from the climbing stars of the purple dusk. I listened through your ears … Continue reading