Morning Stretch

Morning Stretch

Gotta start with yourself. It’s the beginning of a new day, a gentle nudge from mama earth is all it takes and if that almighty sun is lambent without a cloud to come between us, all the sweeter. Our habits … Continue reading

Stronger Every Day,

laughing all the way. I collapsed before I could reach the end, meanwhile girlfriend can swing back and forth with ease three times over in a flash without even a gasp…she’s super girl! At least I enjoyed the serenading all … Continue reading

Speaking of Sweet Things

We’re into the walkie talkies these days. While the wall is the only thing that separates us at the moment, it’s amusing to sing a song or two from across the other side. And while I can’t carry a tune … Continue reading

Sunday Service

Hark! Such shadowy and throbbing energy from overvalued drones and their angry chants on replay. What’s more concerning is that people are no longer searching for the truth, instead looking for instant gratification for that easy fix that doesn’t amount … Continue reading