Stronger Every Day,

laughing all the way.

I collapsed before I could reach the end, meanwhile girlfriend can swing back and forth with ease three times over in a flash without even a gasp…she’s super girl! At least I enjoyed the serenading all along the way to my great fall. While my grip broke and I flopped on the mat, she continued to muscling it up, perhaps to cheer me on.

By the time we made it to the car, her falsetto used for the background sound to create its dramatic effect for her video switched to an operatic one, full & rich high notes from behind as I cruised along wet city streets. This mighty songstress’s dynamic vocal range fluctuates to the environment we find ourselves in but the language is always the same, her own. For now at least, as we haven’t run into anyone familiar with her penchant language when she’s belting out her tunes.

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