Morning Stretch

Gotta start with yourself. It’s the beginning of a new day, a gentle nudge from mama earth is all it takes and if that almighty sun is lambent without a cloud to come between us, all the sweeter.

Our habits are everything, what you do (or not do) is the true reflection of your character; it’s no wonder I’ve been in a slump with a deflated heart these last two decades unconditionally steadfast to a fabricated and sinister tune, deeming it like a starving artist mythos. It’s not only your own habits but the habits of the people you hang with to consider.

The same dark notes over and over…I will no longer commiserate with those low vibes and all the demons you so cordially invite in…It’s your song, sing that archetype without your chorus because it’s not my tune to carry, mine resonates with harmonious frequencies and it will only rise. I won’t be led down that bending, subdued and deceitfully darken path any longer. I’m sorry I bought the lies, but I won’t let them consume me. Instead, grateful for they have made me see that I am the reluctant hero even with all its twisted, leaky guise of innocence you betrayed yourself in. And how crafty it all was and still is for anyone outside the realm of direct witnessing who wouldn’t believe it for a second. But those of us on the inside we all know; we will always remember. That cycle of fool me time and time again has finally ended. Adios.

And through all the perpetration everything felt broken. An uphill battle for human existence when in fact it all worked flawlessly for if one can’t generate the spirit, what else is there but to bank on other’s luminous energies. Gig is up though, so you might as well get a start on that healing from that patron saint of your liking. Sit still with yourself, in the wild would be all the wiser, observe, notice, sit in gratitude for the grandeur. Drink a bit of silence and magic today and reclaim your gift…you deserve it, it’s a long time coming, isn’t it?

Just ten minutes to neutralize and another ten to start the shift. All set now, all lit up, be warned if I come across your path today, you’re gonna feel it.

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