Can’t Run from the Revelation

Some days I feel I need to be a soldier and other days I know what I need to be, but I choose to be a poet. Some days we need to hear things more melodiously. Coerced into a space where there is so much deception, so much control, so much greed, dishonesty, maliciousness and division…How did we get here? Is anyone else wondering? From my perspective around these parts, beings move and interchange drone-like as pain-free as possible and as righteous as possible. Ah right this is how we got here. Enter small green orbs. A few minutes here and there rolling out the kinks and you start to feel again, really feel it. Releasing tension from deep into the cells of songlines past to ones recently embedded. There have been rough patches for all wanders on Earth because of this entropic system in place. Can’t change revelation no matter how they try pushing the agenda “so if I gotta die I’m going to listen to my body tonight.” Sorting all the bits can take some time, but like unraveling prose, if you pay attention to the details, the truth will reveal itself. I use these Franklin balls for about fifteen minutes a day. It’s a start to living in the truth. You owe it to humanity to heal yourself. Quotes are from “1999” -Prince and the former line was something that resonated with me stated by Kelly Brogan MD. You won’t find this brave heart hanging with arrant poltroons festooning the narrative. Isn’t it interesting how anyone of her caliber isn’t invited for even a discussion? What are they afraid of, the system heading in another direction?  “Can’t run from the revelation, no sing it for your nation y’all.”

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