…let us hope.Unmoored by jealous ragefragile, untended child you remain.You do more harm than good lamenting and defendingIt’s not us you’re fighting for is it?Sanction it all you want; it’s your biddingand repeat will linger around your days and nights,oh … Continue reading

Never Let Me Down

I’m soaking up every rummy split second of this singular spectacular season we call summer. Green is what’s on display presently. Dense, luscious, abundant and fleeting already past the peak and onto our transient descent into the next scene where … Continue reading

A Wabi-Sabi Welcome for Thirteen

Yes, a baker’s dozen we were, some drove hundreds of miles while others just a few to gather, giggle and gobble up all thirteen dishes made in our nest (except for the gelato.)I had no other choice but to embrace … Continue reading