Don’t Speak of Infallibility

Can music spur change? It most certainly charges our emotions, for me “One Tree Hill” is by far the most emotionally charged song by U2. Perhaps it’s why it’s my most prized from the moment Bono’s vocals penetrated my heart…with every breath I took afterwards my existence changed by the thoughts these lyrics inflicted on my cells. A song of renewal and redemption, perhaps as I revisit the song these days, an evocation of the end-of-times redemption. As I learn more about the brood of vipers that slither around us waiting for us to become the perpetrators to fall victim to their spells, especially the ones who are part of the tell-no-man club and whose actions are orchestrated by this fear instilled by a diaspora of elites, I can only try to walk in their shoes for a mile. It’s their free will, their duty, who am I to judge, however, support this delusional vision I will not. I will no longer tolerate it nor allow for it to manipulate my emotions, desires or passions nor will I permit it to forget myself for there is only one struggle within oneself. I will not be hasty with my precious energies any longer for it only leads to failure of the task at hand. Most of us don’t have the discipline to achieve this, but we will always be offered this gift no matter what actions we have cherry-picked even if the cherries we chose were rotten. Praise and prayers may only be offered to perfect beings…as far as I am aware no being in this realm is infallible. We can only exist in a state of atonement for us to evolve to what is divinely written. After reevaluating the lamenting words sung along to Edge’s receptive guitar riff that personifies the lyric, “We run like a river runs to the sea. We run like a river to the sea.” I allow it to flow within but not take control. There is no doubt in my mind that we are repeating the same existence over and over but now more than ever it’s our turn to innerstand for our lack of it will keep us in a perpetual cycle of struggle. Whether Bono or any member of his chosen club may try to understand one’s place in the world, no doubt this song is a fitting tribute to what their hearts may have felt, but it’s also timeless, like our spirit. They know, they always did know about the matter of course, the matter of power orchestrated upon us, they chose their commander in chief accordingly. It’s the indelible mark with a long-lost eternal family or separation from, the choice is ours, it always is, it always will be. Like a river, like the sea, float above the muck below and mind the false gods…there are more than you might imagine but know they are there to make you see.

Guitar solo begins as Bono’s wrenching wailing for no end to grief, no end to love subsides… 

“Raining, raining in the heart
Raining in your heart
Raining, raining to your
Raining, raining, raining
Raining to your
Raining, ooh, ooh
To the sea”

After two seconds of silence, strings fade in and Bono proceeds almost prayerlike the final lyric…

“Oh, great ocean
Oh, great sea
Run to the ocean
Run to the sea.”  -Adam Clayton, David Evans (writers)

A plea perhaps to attest you are worthy to be released…and the strings fade out over the final six seconds. Remember it is our turn now.

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