A Solitary Swallow

A solitary swallow and a costly Spring.
It takes plenty of work for the sun to return.
It takes the thousands of dead standing at the wheel.
It takes the living to give their blood, as well.

My God you Master Builder,
you placed me among the mountains
My God you Master Builder,
you’ve enclosed me in the sea!

Taken by the Magi the body of May
They have it buried in a tomb of the open sea.
In a deep well they keep it closed
Unleashing the scent of darkness and all the abyss.

My God you Master Builder,
you are among the lilac trees
My God You Master Builder,
you inhaled the scent of Resurrection.

-Odysseas Elytis, truly among the most musical of contemporary poets, this masterpiece can stand alone without music. But if there was anyone to interpret the steady movement of such sonority, it would be the one and only Mikis Theodorakis…rest in peace dearest compatriot, and may your compositions continue to unite people across all borders. His spirit for freedom and love for his homeland embraced all Hellenes and through his music touched people’s hearts. His tolerance and his appreciation for anything musically innovative as well as his open-minded attitude with concepts broader than music, made him a target for the brood of vipers of his time. Ironic how he stood up to those who battened his country back then…who will stand at the helm today with the passion he held? We are running out of time and are overrun by hipsters more worried about manbuns and getting back to “normal” than about saving humanity’s dignity. Who will give their blood so that our children can run back into the arms of their mothers?  

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