Things That Move the World

I haven’t fully awakened from my foggy half sleep state this morning, I must have been dehydrated. I chugged a full glass of water. No change yet. That attractive energy that pulls this planet into shape, that tug isn’t only from a far, is it? Dark eons of the beginnings, beholden for long ages presently reverting…what is it that moves planets and thumps our hearts? I am the love of a mama holding space for the souls of her babies, allowing for their destined expressions. I am the love of a ravenously jealous man driven by fierce hate. I am the love in the sun that shows his face, illuminating me in grace. I have closed my heart to the love surrounding me too many times; misguided from even before my existence. We are the existential threat, aren’t we? It is given to all, a flowing sea of beauty. How do we receive it all, so much to be had? In this blur, this blending of reality I awaken to today, glass after glass of water, a continuity of life realized, a creative force in action, it builds, it attaches…what will I attach to? I’m swirling in this peaceful state. In love and goodwill and harmony. Find it always, the lesson. There always is one, your body craves it. I finally dove in finding my way back into my space and move more expressively, more vibrantly more beautifully than I ever have. It’s my entry point.

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