Full Blown Romance.

This morning, with her, having coffee – Johnny Cash when asked for his description of paradise.

All the work that matters is for moments like these found in the simplest of our twinkling flashes between beings. Take time to create this because it won’t appear out of the blue. It’s a sweet balance like my love for a buttery fried egg, molten and rich, dominate and delicate…it could cure any ailment. Not just any egg but the one I have grown to fall for, a deep, fluent yellow, runny, creamy one that increased the rate of my heartbeat from a region not too far from here that raises hens with exceptional eggs, a humbling food with a sprinkle of humbling salt makes for such a luxurious texture on the taste buds. Have I enticed the most devoted of yolk-fanatics out there? Or have I enticed the most devoted desire of creating the tenderness with your dearest? Enjoy your paradise with whatever happiness and restlessness it may stir within.

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