I like to see where things are going in unscripted conversations that entice people along on an explosive journey. These days, there’s an unlimited streaming of such dialogs to take part in but many meander aimlessly until a provocative and dazzling inclination comes their way and instead of an invite to a soul seeking sojourn with another such wanderer, an aversion usually to a fellow living being takes place. Whenever did evanescing codes of belief and happiness become alluring commodities? Whenever did we get punked into chasing it only to leave us empty and wanting to hunt for more? Happiness is an inside job and along these serene shores of resonance, well the waves are gentle reminders for us to immerse into immense charges awaiting to integrate simple concepts and realities beyond what has been voiced. Can’t do this kind of work from a screen nor from within the metaverse. Determine what you experience…offer your light, your wisdom, your kindness as these sweet cakes do so willingly. Living with profound respect for all beings…no one is a castaway.

Reminiscing on our clangorous harmonies preluding the majestic performance of the sun. Do it again, resplendent one, it never gets old.

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