Flight of Fancy

I can start daily missives or better yet mini videos of vignettes we witness from feathered friends ever since we placed our invisible chalet here mainly for our entertainment but dually as significant for feeding times. Turns out this hangout isn’t just for friends with wings but masked furry quadrupeds looking for something effortless to munch on. Flight of fancy I think not, these chambers have what it takes for us all. It’s filled our hearts to the brim with joy to greet such a variety of friends…France may be the most visited country in the world, but a floating dock like this lifts our spirits every time we check in. Life is grand when you watch eager visitors peck, shake a tail feather, and take flight again. isn’t it the way it should be…be-bopping to the resonance we are, ample nourishment everywhere we land and gilding in and out at one’s whim. And those stars…those sparkling stars reminding us why we came on board. Happy landings chirpy ones, happy endless feasting and happy soaring. 

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