Father Within

Divinely and infinitely flowing,our good will come to us, knowing.Endowed with power to unfold,our truest nature,the image and the likenesscomplete, in the God-mind and vision.Joy, love, abundance and peacecomes forth with us,expressing soin all that we are.

The Glory of a Baritone

The Glory of a Baritone

A baritone is a classical type of singing voice that originates from the Greek term βαρύτονος or heavy sounding. Cheers to all the “heavy sounding” papas who wear their armor of God not for accolades but for the mission of … Continue reading

Fish Killers

Forgive us Father for we have killed the soon-to-be-vanished halibut that use to swim so abundantly in our waters. Our once happy ecosystems have whirled into a chaotic frenzy and we took out four of them in half a day’s … Continue reading