Fish Killers

Forgive us Father for we have killed the soon-to-be-vanished halibut that use to swim so abundantly in our waters. Our once happy ecosystems have whirled into a chaotic frenzy and we took out four of them in half a day’s time. Yet this was not all in vain, we ate the deliciously flakey catch of the day and learned something not in our current state of mind. You see Dear Lord out in that cavernous horizon without the cacophony of world cries we not only forgot about all the pain and cares of the world in this brief moment of thrill unfolding before our wide-open eyes, we embarked on an enlightened journey. Removed from all previous obligations and the prerequisite to focus all year long and participate in necessary engagements, it was just a couple of pals and some fishing lines bobbing to the rhythms of the fluid ocean.The only audible noise was the salty waters splashing against the boat and the sound of our breaths waiting in anticipation of amazing creatures lurking around us. The sense of awe firing up inside of us while riding along and waiting for meaningful instructions from our seasoned captain took a hallucinatory effect on us. Watching for the first time how to scale and fillet a fish in minutes was mesmerizing, touching a sand shark and spotting a leopard shark were fascinating and feeding seagulls by hand…priceless. Now was the time for resting the mind with no other place for our thoughts but goodness.Unlike our daily routine of gathering around a table to nourish our bodies and discuss events of the day, on the water, we nourished our minds. Connecting without words except for an occasional, “Fish on!” It wasn’t difficult to grow into this new spirit, to transform with the synchronicities of the majestic ocean…poetry in its physical presence.And just as easy as it was to create this myth so it was to end it with the reality of the outside world. We took responsibility by engaging in the rules of the seas and wiping down the boat. What responsibility will we take as a society to end the myths that are harbored with fear and hate that propel us to do senseless acts…regrettable acts…irreversible acts. A quest for enlightenment outside our normal routines maybe a start, maybe not. For us it was something. Take time to quiet your calendar…take time for something meaningful…and do take time to connect for the sake of humankind.

16 thoughts on “Fish Killers

  1. What a beautiful metaphor for the unsettling times we are facing. We should all go fishing for a few days to connect with nature and the world outside our constructed world. Thanks for the inspiring snaps!

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  2. I love the way you’ve taken the pleasures and excitement of the occasion to also weave in the teachable moments with the children, Cristina. I know that in my life, even as a child with my grandparents at the beach, any activity at the ocean refreshed my spirit. Even young children have weariness! And your reference to the myths of fear and hate are certainly important for us all to consider. I am so glad I didn’t miss this absolutely beautiful post. And your photos….I say this every time, I know…are simply wonderful!

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    • So lovely to hear your well wishes Debra. I do worry about our future and the bigger picture in this thing called life, if we could change courses even for a few hours to refresh and open our minds so that we make better decisions we just maybe onto something great. While I am usually the one taking photos the ones in this post are from Papa Bear’s perspective…I agree there are some great shots.


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