Easy Does It

I think of our nest as a living organism essential for our enjoyment and growth. Keeping it fresh with little touches like these chairs…finally I was brave enough to stage furniture on the balcony since baby bear is developing a sense of fear. No flat platforms like a table for her to climb and sproing off, but these are irrefutably dreamy. Lounging on these cradling seats just before a meal mesmerized by the brilliance of the setting sun or sipping a coffee in the morning with only the sound of the waves rolling in calms the mind tremendously.What are you tweaking in your nest to allow for growth and change? It can be as simple as a budding flower, new candle with a heavenly scent or some artwork. We are always welcoming new plants into our nest. The other day oldest bear came in cradling a broken piece to an aloe plant (no doubt a corollary from kicking the soccer ball around.) I gave him a squeeze for his considerate gesture and now we await for new roots to sprout as it becomes an independent and strong organism.Currently there are a few others that are developing roots and buds in our nest. The fig branch undoubtedly would shoot roots almost instantly; the broken orchid branch was a surprise for us all. With a little patience we watched this bud form…easy does it alright.The doughnuts have all irretrievably made it into our tummies to help celebrate a birthday…they are best gobbled up when warm and sticky and reclining in the chairs.

14 thoughts on “Easy Does It

  1. I love the chairs! I probably would love the view even more! I am always working with broken pieces of succulents and I think even small indoor plants add so much to the enjoyment in my nest. We have quite a bit of outdoor space for sitting and outdoor dining, but my latest effort is to soften the spaces with more potted plants. We got away from that over the last couple of years with all the water issues, but at this point, I’m adding them back! They are just too important. 🙂


    • Thank you! I love taking advantage of outdoor space especially when close to the kitchen or a grill–it makes cleaning up so much easier. And plants are amazing adding texture as well as cleaning the air, bring them back Debra. Succulents especially are great in pots since they need a good soaking once a month depending on how much direct sun they get. In the ground they tend to grow thick roots so better to contain them. Happy digging!


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