Tutus, tiaras and tinted toe nails

“Are you a smart cookie?” I hear middle bear ask baby bear. I turned to witness her nodding head implying “Why yes, I am!” She certainly is a sharp one and knows how to beat the heat. While most of us can’t get away with a half-dressed look like hers (we know people try…including my son’s former soccer coach whom I don’t ever recall seeing him sporting a shirt.)As long as we are comfortable with ourselves, right? Besides it’s not what you wear it’s what you eat. And now it’s not just about what you eat, but knowing who grew it sustainably, organically…was it picked at it’s prime? Watching baby bear pop dozens of berries into her mouth (she can eat her weight in raspberries) thrills me!Aww those luscious summer fruits…does it get any better than juice oozing from the corners of your mouth? It’s hard to find a sweet melon these days or extra sweet and juicy peaches, apricots or plums. Supermarkets supply us with tasteless not-nearly-ripe-enough fruit to last for weeks on the shelves only to certify my lengthy distasteful verbose about everything that has gone wrong with our food supply. However, we are still enjoying the season with our mini garden sprouting in pots. While the tomatoes and pomegranates are growing abundantly, our raspberries have fallen short, in fact even purchases from the market aren’t enough for baby bear. I need to keep a frozen stash for when she gobbles up all the fresh ones.The frozen ones feel sooo good on the gums and are an instant air conditioner cooling our half-dressed bodies off instantly or blended into a smoothie to slurp ardently through a thick straw. Keep cool and refreshed while looking bold and beautiful this summer!I intend to incorporate and imbibe my summer berries in great quantities of happy juice while I watch my sprightly baby bear prance around our favorite nook. It’s our special time, just the two of us after morning drop off or lately before the other bears return to the nest from their adventures of the day. I try to follow as her mind wanders to wave bye-bye to the cars zipping by the house, or to listen and spot our feathered friends chirping away in between trees, to dance in a tutu, to babble with conviction, to eat, to open drawers and rearrange items in such drawers, to clean, or to plop potatoes in the blender behind the pantry doors. Whatever her interest, I will find it interesting as well or allow her to do it in order to buy time to prepare a meal.While I don’t get to enjoy a staged look around our breakfast nook anymore; I still can enjoy the messy and just finished snacking that goes around here and yes there is a whole lot of that going around here.

What’s interesting about your favorite nook in your nest?

10 thoughts on “Tutus, tiaras and tinted toe nails

  1. What a cutie pie! I love that you can just BE with her and enjoy the way she moves through her morning. It seems these months are always too short in a baby bear’s life, so it’s even more special that you’re drinking them up! I love frozen berries myself, but raspberries can be tart, so it seems even more surprising to me that she really enjoys them. You and I could share a nice long tirade on the state of the food supply, Cristina. I’m so bothered in so many ways. I have a weekly organic produce box that helps with the summer fruit sweetness, but the whole GMO labeling issue, among other things, twists me into a knot! We do what we can…and I am continually trying to learn more–but the more I learn, the more frustrated I can become. LOL! See? I told you I could venture into a tirade. I think we’re at least fortunate that here in California some of the better food sources are at least still affordable. And before I go for now…you have me eating fried eggs again, cooked with your very distinctive flair. I’ve been telling everyone! 🙂


    • Thank you Debra. She really is quite amusing to us all…this is it for us in our nest so we are soaking up all her little adorable idiosyncrasies while they last…but she will always be our baby bear. I’m happy to hear about your organic boxes and do hope you enjoy some summer goodness and yes we are soo lucky to enjoy a lot of foods here all year round. I think people get tired of my food tirade but frankly I think it’s disturbing what companies consider “food” and all their disguises involved. How lovely that you have been spreading the word about the infused herb & oil fried egg…do enjoy!


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