People come and people go.

We are always coming and going. Usually swiftly, humdrum-like with a few whispering goodbyes to neighbors, coworkers and friends made along the way.Escavating 3Escavating 21Escavating 9But on a couple of occasions we tendered our adios purposefully loud. (Read: A few needed to be alerted to the degree of disharmony the unconscious humans of the region were creating in the work environment, therefore Papa Bear took responsibility and resigned to the division not the region.) Escavating 25Escavating 5Escavating 13Escavating 16Escavating 6Whether the division takes initiative to investigate the heartbreaking tales of hubris that plagued the “sunshine” region and accept accountability on behalf of the company is up to them now. The exhausting, frustrating, and unpredictable days are over for Papa Bear. His cortisone levels just now dipping from their peek and yet his careworn soul still wants to do more for his employees, whom he knows will be lost without his fight. No one else dared to stand up to the warring factions whom ruthlessly obsessed over monotonous items and always tried to override company policy just because they could. However, it’s the end of their world as they know it…getting down to the truth and leaving nothing hidden is on our agenda and if they think the day became loud they ain’t heard nothing yet. You see Papa Bear grew up fending for himself (and his sister) at a tender age, gaining resilience with each scuffle. So kick all you want you can’t break him with whatever you try…he’s seen a lot more than you have.Trapeze Artists 2Trapeze Artists 8Trapeze ArtistsTrapeze Artists 6Even though progress was not made while in his former environment and things for us are not headed as planned here in our beloved Southern California, Papa Bear has reset his heart’s dial promising to do more good elsewhere where he has been welcomed with unfathomable enthusiasm. And like an experiment that went awry, habits of the mind can turn failure into insight. You just have to be willing to brush things off and get back into the game, preferable with tolerant people. So once again it’s happy trails for us and my heart is broken to leave yet another nest in the most amazing place on Earth. Adieu sweet waves that put me to sleep every night…I will dream of you from time zones away and will never forget your salty, misty kisses. 20160703_13510120160703_14030920160703_13373820160703_13522620160703_135050 20160703_14164920160703_132925

5 thoughts on “People come and people go.

  1. Oh Cristina! I feel a mixture of heartbreak and joy! I’m so sorry for the circumstances that precipitate this change, and leaving behind a beloved home and friends (and schools) is never easy. But I just expect really good things for you all as you venture into the new! I will really look forward to hearing from you again and knowing you are all well and situated in your new nest! Blessings to you all!

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    • Thank you Debra for your blessings and well wishes. It’s been an adventurous few days but our little bears have turned things like sleeping on couches into fort building and sleeping under their creative construction–lots of pillows always add layers but now they add fun!

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