Fish and Toes

Fish & Toes 13Fish & Toes 5Oops we did it again. Another move with more to purge and some things to store until we settle our feet in this new part of the country. The air so dense of moisture it suffocates us. We trudge through to meet new friends and greet them with sweaty brows. We hardly stir as we chat and then make a run for shelter as storm clouds unleash with only a few seconds of warning. Soaked through our clothing we try to find our way back to our two bedroom one bath lodging to coordinate some more. It seems to consume my hours, my days and still there are more important decisions to make…it never gets easier this uprooting of sorts. Traveling with a bout of hand, foot and mouth disease is never fun and now baby bear prefers her feet to be bare…boy will she learn quickly to wear some shoes again. I can’t imagine the first gust of the frigid northern air…I will be disciplined swiftly too I’m afraid. Fish & Toes 2 Fish & Toes 23 Fish & Toes 20 Fish & Toes 18 Fish & Toes 17 Fish & Toes 12 Fish & Toes 10 Fish & Toes 8 Fish & Toes 7 Fish & Toes 6 How sweet it was to travel back to the city of angels even if it were for a mere three days for baby bear and I to make our formal good-byes without the rush of packing, loading and wondering. All the goods were well on their way to their designated place and we had work back in California. It’s a shame we couldn’t connect with friends but our days of just the two of us were as sweet as ever. After some work and the most incredible donuts we have ever eaten, we had time to wander and explore. We met new and welcoming faces and how full of sweetness they were…baby bear ate it all up! Then of course there was the ocean…we spent time near the splashing waves wisely knowing it would be our last golden dream to enjoy the abundance of sunshine without the sweltering bouts of heat. And since her soles were healthy again we had them scrubbed and painted in honor of our new beginnings in our new surroundings. I worry how things will come to be in our new environment and scramble to whittle away a shape into what feels like shapeless right now. A few more weeks may do the trick to at least outline a shape and until we stumble upon our perfect nest, I don’t think I could call this place home…not just yet. I am grateful for our healthy toes and for a cool and vivid spruce I have created with the last of the summer berries…for certain the best time of the year when the swelter of summer days succumb into cooler more enjoyable nights at least for now. I’ve been toasting to more guts and grit while favoring some grill and swill on this day off from the most senseless commutes I have ever done…may I figure out another way to and from school and enjoy the good of life again.Fish & Toes 4Fish & Toes 3

22 thoughts on “Fish and Toes

  1. We’ll be moving at the end of this month (same town, new condo), so I get where you’re coming from. It’s both unsettling and exciting. Here’s hoping we both find our balance again. 🙂 Best of luck to you. Hope you’re all doing well!

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