True Balance

What if our intentions set forth in the new year and beyond were less about what we could accomplish, but instead to simply be and experience ourselves more deeply? What if we could effortlessly let go of things that no longer serve our highest good…all negative thoughts, fears, doubts, and toxic connections? What if we can activate that dynamic flow in the same way as nature and other sentient beings do? This little bear’s ability to embody this is quite keen. I don’t plan on veering her off this track as most of us have some time ago. Let us focus on escaping our oppressive state of suspension and start recalling our connection which has been absent in most of us for a lingering amount of time. Only then can we achieve purpose…true balance. We are entering a new era; will you resolve the conflicts from within and shed past patterns to live as we were meant to be? Let’s do our best to honor the needs of all beings on the planet including the planet. Let’s be more sanguine, before it’s too late.

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