These Guys Get It

After all the commotion of 2020, and all the previous years of strategically implemented distractions that have cleverly left us in a vacuous abyss, it’s no coincidence the overall mood of undervalued, unfulfilled, unrecognized, and even how the experience of these tactical interactions make us feel hollow…there is obviously something painfully missing in this high-pressured and power-driven arena. These two dreamers say it all…a sense of value, belonging, contentment, connection…open hearts equipped to embrace and care. This scene occurred the day after Baby Bear caught me red-handed planting gifts under the tree at midnight. Half-asleep, she cried to what I thought at the time of the idea that I burst her magical bubble. Turns out, as was relayed to me via her brothers, she didn’t doubt for a second that the jolly old soul made his annual appearance. Cognitive dissonance is prevalent. It might explain all the discomfort we are feeling.

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